Car Paint Protection Services in Adelaide

Our paint protection is worth it!


ECOCOAT QUARTZ is a product formulated with IGL Coatings propriety silica. It is our second hardest coating. 


An average car paint hardness in the range of 3-4H.


ECOCOAT QUARTZ is a 9H rated coating, increasing the paint resistance against harsh chemicals, scratches and dullness.


Prices start from just $695 so forget about the dealerships options and let Elite Car Detailers give you a great deal today.

KENZO has created a profound change in paint protection coatings. KENZO contains 100% silica achieving the highest level of shine and protection. It's backed by an official warranty provided by IGL Coatings and supported by Elite Car Detailers who are a certified IGL Coatings Master Applicator.


KENZO forms a hard and thick 10H coating providing unmatched protection but still looking like a premium wax. The hardness of the coating protects the paint during daily use and helps to reduce swirl marks and reduces damage caused by bird droppings. Running your hands across a Kenzo coated car is like touching the soft luxurious silk.


KENZO prices are from $895 so call us on today on 1800elite1 to book your vehicle in for this premium service.