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  • If I decide to start a franchise with Elite Car Detailers how long will it take before I start earning money?


You will be earning money from day 1. In fact, Elite Car Detailers offer a guaranteed income so that new Franchisees can get off to a flying start without worry.


  • Do I need any previous experience in the industry?


Put simply, no. Our training is extremely thorough and covers everything from how to detail a car to high standards to the behind the scenes tasks such as basic bookkeeping and keeping accurate inventory. We will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about running the business.


  • What sort of money can I expect to earn?


Most Franchisees can expect to earn an average of $1200/week in their first 6 months. After that, it all depends on how many hours you want to work. Franchisees can average $1800/week if they want to work a few more hours. The most successful week a Franchisee has had to date is $2630.